Lady Bug Pest Control is able to deal with your pest problems in your home or business for: Rats, Mice, Cockroaches, Ants, Wasps, Pigeons, Fleas, Moths, Bedbugs and many other pests. Lady Bug pest control has an indepth knowledge and experience gained from training in the pest control industry and we have a specialist rat detection service that we can use if you have an ongoing Rat issue that you get dealt with but then a few months later the problem is back again.

We have a fantastic bird specialist that delivers 100% 1st class service, and we have access to a Harris Hawk if you have a high level of pigeons on your building.

​If you have a Bedbug infestation in a Hotel, then we can offer a canine screen and Heat Treat the infested rooms. This saves time and money.

On all pest control infestations we will identify solutions based on our knowledge of the pest behaviour, we will recommend and install tailoured pest control treatments and pest prevention programmes, which will help you comply with current Health and Safety legislation.

Lady Bug Pest Control provide a rapid response to pest problems in South East London including: Bromley, Croydon, Lewisham, Dulwich, Bexley, Eltham, Blackheath, Greenwich, Crystal Palace, Catford, Mottingham, Penge and many more areas. Do call 07538945740 24hr mobile hotline for more information.  

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Vicki Sims  - Owner of Lady Bug Pest Control

We are currently receiving a lot of calls to deal with Rats, Mice and pigeons, so if you have any of these pest control issues at the moment and want them dealt with quickly and professionally then give Lady Bug pest control a call today 07538945740

Lady Bug pest control is a professional pest control company based in Beckenham, Kent.

Lady Bug pest control is made up of mainly female pest controllers. When Vicki is asked "how did you get into the pest control industry? as I have never met a female pest controller before" Vicki responds by telling her story, which is a bit of a sad one (well the ending is) and one that can only be told by Vicki herself. One thing I can say is that Vicki is very passionate about her job and the customers she delivers her service too, she believes and always says "your only as good as your last job" and its very clear that customer service and helping others is key to the success of Lady Bug pest control.

Vicki is honest, kind and caring and this is the quality that she looks for when recruiting her staff, she says "you can not train that caring personality, you must already be a peoples person, the pest control side of things can be trained, but not the personality".

Vicki also says "as a pest controller we are entering peoples homes or businesses, we have no idea who that person is, they could be a Director of a large Esate agency, or a Housing Association, they may even own Hotels, so its very important to deliver that 1st class service and be knowledgable, because you never know that client could be very impressed and you could be rewarded by having a contract, or if they are not a bussines owner they will recommend us to their friends and family even talk about us on local forums etc, word of mouth is the best form of advertising, besides it doesn't cost anything to be kind and honest."

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